you did it!!
you found chess' secret page!!!
that is so cool! you are gay now!

what a lucky day for you! it's not everyday you. you just don't get that. only sometimes! you should appreacite it more, really. like what are we just kind of coasting through all this? no, think about this moment. i love this moment. and maybe i'll love the next one. or maybe i'll hate it. fuck the next moment, the next moment is shit. oh wait. no it's okay false alarm.

one thing i think has to be said: if you are sleepy then you should go to sleep so you can then be not sleepy snymore and stop being sleepy because you will be sleepijg



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    do not even THINK!!! of looking at this rat if you aren't ken ---------->>>

  • ^^^The councel will decide your fate .^^^

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