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PS2 was by far my absolute favorite console as a kid, and still ranks in top 3. We almost always had one in the house, and I still own one to this day. It still has old domo and disney stickers on it. Authenticity.

The OG spyro trilogy (Spyro the dragon, Ripto's Rage & Year of the Dragon) were the first games my family ever got for PS2. They were also the first games I ever 100% completed! To say I was (and am) obsessed with spyro would be the understatement of the century. I played them without end and always end up going back to these original three for PS2. Unfortunately I played Year of the Dragon to the point that the disc is broken and a lot of the game's soundtrack no longer works :( but the game itself is in tact!

Now that the remake is out for PS5 I also have and play that a lot, but the og trilogy has a charm that can't be recreated. Even if the remake looks and plays amazingly, the low poly and pastel colors of the first three are unbeatable in my opinion.
Ripto's Rage is my #1 from this trilogy, and my favorite levels are Frozen Alters, Midnight Mountain, Crystal Glaciers, Fracture Hills, and Winter Tundra.


The second trilogy of spyro is also a HUGE personal fav (almost all spyro games are .///.). When these games came out in 2006 I was at the age where I really liked edgy and dark fantasy stuff so it lined up perfectly. I remember loving having spyro voiced by Elijah Wood, I thought it made spyro sound sooooo~ cool. I played all three games and was in awe at the level designs, specifically Valley of Avalar from Dawn of the Dragon. Also the fact that you could endlessly glide instead of just the little glides in the og trilogy!!! The soundtracks from the games still hold up too, even if the songs with vocals are a bit on the emo side of things.
Here's the first EVER amv I saw online, a Cynder x Spyro amv. They were my first ever ship! I adored everything about them both so much.


If I'm honest I didn't play much kingdom hearts as a kid, and the times I did I think it was for a different console. HOWEVER I've played a lot more now that I'm an adult, and I've watched playthroughs of the first two games as well as a few of the others. I did really like the style of it even as a kid tho! Dearly Beloved and Simple and Clean were both songs I grew up listening to (for some reason :?) even though I didn't play the games. I have a lot of friends now that really love the game and consider it really important media to them so that makes it a lot more special to me too!!

I am married to axel kh.


I AM married to SEPHIROTH. Real shit.
Yet another game that I didn't get into until I was an adult but oh boy. OH BOY. I sure did GET INTO IT. I went from not knowing shit about ff7 other than 'blonde anime twink' to knowing everything about sephiroth within about a week. When I say that I am obsessed with sephiroth I mean I am yandere levels of in love with this man. I adore him. He's so pretty, he's so evil, he's so fucking sexy and i want to give him a little kiss. Did you know it's canon that he uses an entire bottle of special shampoo made just for him by Shinra scientists everytime he showers? That's so fucking stupid, I'm in love with him. I want to spend hours brushing his hair for him.
the game is really good! I'm very, very not good at turn based rpgs so it's taking me forever to get through the original game but I'm slowly doing it whenever I have time. I love the graphics so much. The story is really good, too. There's so much lore and world building, it makes it feel so real.

The first part of the remake just came out this year (2020) and oh my god it's gorgeous. It's very different than the original in terms of storyline, but that's kind of cool in it's own way. Of course sephiroth looks GORGEOUS. After how he looked in Advent Children I knew he would be but wooooo I wasn't nearly prepared enough. He's too pretty for this or any other world ;;
My favorite song from the OG soundtrack is Vincent's Theme!
(we don't talk about dirge of cerberus here)

GameBoy Advance SP

When I was a kid, I never left home without this thing on me. Like a lot of my consoles and games, it was first my older sister's but she got bored of it really quick. So my parents 'bought' it from her and gave it to me for xmas one year, complete with games and all. I had a LOT of games for it. I still have it, but some of the games have seen way better days and don't work anymore.

Another spyro game section. To no ones surprise. A big percentage of the games I have for GBA are spyro! I have Attack of the Rhynocs, Season of Ice, Season of Flame, Spyro:Orange and Crash:Purple! My absolute favorite was Attack of the Rhynocs; it was so colorful, had the best soundtrack, AND had the extra levels with Sgt. Byrd like Year of the Dragon did. Second after that was Spyro:Orange. I liked that it was a side scroller, it was way different than any of the other games in that way.